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Advanced Activity-Based Mindfulness for Kids: Teaching attention, emotional balance & compassion in schools and clinics

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  1. Present an introduction to the theory and practice of mindful awareness in the classroom and the clinic.
  2. Teach practical, mindful tools that can be applied in your professional work with children, teens and families.
  3. Observe demonstrations of mindful games that impact attention, emotional balance and compassion in the classroom and the clinic.
  4. Explore age-appropriate, secular, mindful games and activities from the perspective of a child or teenager in small groups through role-play.
  5. Discern the connections between mindfulness, stress-reduction, attention, regulating emotion, regulating behavior, and learning.
  6. Determine ways to integrate mindfulness into existing programs and/or routines.
  7. Illustrate mindful awareness and its general applications in psychology and education.
  8. Present the Inner Kids evidence-based model and how it supports education and psychotherapy settings.
  9. Explore ways to integrate mindful life-skills into personal and professional life for self-care.
  10. Compile mindful strategies to ignore distractions & build flexible attention.
  11. Design mindful games and develop perspective talking.
  12. Incorporate mindful games to help strengthen the behavioral health of your clients.




Quieting: Calming and Self-Regulation

Focusing: Attention and Concentration

Seeing & Reframing: A Wise and Compassionate Worldview

Caring & Connecting: Speaking and Acting with Wisdom and Compassion

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