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Mastery Course in Wound Care: Intensive Training with Clinical Lab Demonstration

Intensive Skin and Wound Care Course: Core Skin & Wound Assessment & Treatment

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Wound Bed Terminology

Drainage Differentiation

Systemic Considerations

Wound Products Determination by Wound Question

Core Assessment & Treatment per Etiology

​Wounds and Bacteria


  1. Explain core assessment skills of the skin and wound.
  2. Describe wound presentation with appropriate wound product.
  3. Evaluate etiology of wound per location, clinical history, and wound characteristics.
  4. “STONEES & NERDS” – differentiate systemic vs. local wound infection.
  5. Describe the updated guidelines for skin tears.
  6. Evaluate etiology of wound per location, clinical history, and wound characteristics.

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The Ultimate Hands-On Wound Care Clinical Lab

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  1. Distinguish at least 6 tissue types found in chronic wounds.
  2. Identify and differentiate at least 4 wound etiologies.
  3. Compare and contrast 6 terms used to document peri-wound status.
  4. Demonstrate accurate measurement and documentation of wounds, tunneling and undermining, according to the clock method, using a wound teaching model.
  5. Identify and categorize at least 7 dressing types, including the indications for use, precautions and contraindications.
  6. Develop an appropriate dressing/ treatment protocol for a wound, based upon exudate, wound status, and products discussed.


Wound Bed Tissue Types: Presentation & Treatment

Wound Margin Issues and Strategies

Characteristics of Common Wounds

Hands-On Clinical Lab


Wound Care Products

Strategies to Select Primary Dressings for:

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The Ultimate HANDS-ON Wound Care Clinical Lab Demonstration

Program Information


  1. Demonstrate and identify an appropriate wound assessment
  2. Demonstrate accurate measurement of wounds and documentation of tunneling & undermining
  3. Discuss indications, implementation, precautions for each wound product category
  4. Establish a method for topical therapy triage using acronym DIWAMOPI to remember therapy triage goals


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