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Nursing Documentation: Proven Strategies to Keep Your Patients and Your License Safe

Join expert and legal nurse consultant, Rosale Lobo, PhD(c), MSN, RN, CNS, LNCC, to learn how to develop a systematic approach to documentation that will keep you, your patients and your license safe. You will learn how to identify and avoid risky documentation as well as how to correctly utilize electronic documentation and the correct technique for meaningful use. Rosale will show you step by step, how to overcome your most complex documentation questions and challenges.

This dynamic one-day program will include tools to safeguard your documentation including:


Program Information


The Components of Documentation

Electronic Nursing Documentation

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Strategies

Reimbursement and Documentation

Documentation When Things Go Wrong

Ethical Issues

Avoiding Risky Documentation

What if the Worst Happens?

Examples and Case Studies of Documentation



  1. Identify a strategic nursing documentation system.
  2. Describe how documentation is used to decide if you are guilty or innocent in a lawsuit.
  3. Recognize the meaningful use criteria to meet reimbursement needs.
  4. List how to best use features in computerized records to ensure reimbursement.
  5. Identify how to prevent risky behavior when using social media and other forms of electronic communication.
  6. Define how to use best practice and standard of care for documenting incident reports and adverse events.
  7. Integrate the correct practices into your documentation to keep your license unblemished.
  8. Summarize the common documentation mistakes and how to avoid and/or correct them.

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Practical Ethics: Addressing the Real-Life Challenges Confronting Healthcare Professionals

Would you like to feel more comfortable when faced with ethical dilemmas in clinical situations, in your workplace, and in your everyday life? Would you like to help patients and families navigate the difficult seas of ethical decision-making with greater ease, or to make better decisions on workplace-related ethical issues that you personally encounter? This workshop will equip you with an Ethical Toolkit to use, whether guiding a patient/family in decisions about Advance Directives or making that heart-wrenching decision to discontinue mechanical ventilation for a loved one, or ensuring that your work environment upholds the highest ethical standards.

Past attendees have found learning from Kathleen Kovarik, PhD, RN, on these often challenging topics to be interesting, fun and engaging. Ride the wave of Kathleen’s passion for ethics, and enjoy the multi-faceted, interactive environment she creates that results in high-level learning. She will guide you deeper into understanding ethical decision-making and its practical application to the complex health-care situations that you face on a regular basis.


Program Information


What are Your Values?

Health-Care Ethics

Ethics Committees

Ethical Foundations

Ethical Principles

Ethical Decision-Making: A Toolkit for Practice

The Most Controversial Cases

Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas: Decision-Making Team Practice

Exercising Ethical Leadership



  1. Determine scenarios that benefit from ethics committee involvement.
  2. Investigate ethical insights to clinical and workplace scenarios.
  3. Apply a variety of ethical decision-making tools to analyze complex patient/family dilemmas.
  4. Integrate knowledge from precedent-setting ethical cases into current decision-making.
  5. Critique current ethical cases utilizing sound ethical principles.
  6. Dissect potential ethical dilemmas arising from technological advances now and in the future.
  7. Incorporate a variety of “ethical tools” into a practical, usable, and easily accessible ethical toolkit.

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