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Neurological Challenges: New Medications & Promising Interventions to Change Practice

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  1. Manage adult-onset neurological disorders with the latest treatments.
  2. Determine optimal interventions based on neuro symptom presentation.
  3. Evaluate when pharmacological and non-pharmacological options are recommended.
  4. Dissect the very latest research for neurological disease.
  5. Analyze the latest emerging neurological diseases.
  6. Breakdown the procedure for intracranial monitoring.
  7. Employ algorithms of care for neurological emergencies.
  8. Correlate neuroanatomy to presenting clinical manifestations.
  9. Provide guidelines for maximizing the neuro assessment.
  10. Exploit common neuro problems occurring in degenerative diseases.
  11. Communicate controversial issues relating to patient care.
  12. Explore the latest information emerging on neurological diseases.


Toolbox for Assessment

Neurological Testing

10 Leading Neurological Disorders

Stroke Patient

Alzheimer’s Disease


Parkinson’s Disease

Brain Tumor


Multiple Sclerosis


Emergent Neurological Disease: Zika and Guillain Barré

Commonalities and Unique Problems:

Pharmacological Therapy

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Mastering the Neurological Assessment


  1. Analyze the primary causes of acute mental status changes.
  2. Apply 3 tests that assess proprioception and cerebellar function.
  3. Detect patients at risk for delirium and learn how to respond to it.


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