Cognitive Rehabilitation: Therapeutic Strategies for Effective Intervention

The rehabilitation of cognitive impairments is becoming more and more complicated. Patients in your care are presenting with complex, multi-faceted cognitive deficits, and at best you have 48 minutes, five days per week to understand and improve upon their cognition. Keeping up with the ever-changing evidence on assessment and interventions for acquired cognitive disorders can feel daunting. Your previous learning in graduate training programs may already be obsolete. Furthermore, you are now better equipped to apply knowledge to the clinical context. We will revisit applications of anatomy and physiology to everyday practice, affirm relevance of current-effective clinical practices, and adapt new practices supported by contemporary evidence. Join Jerry Hoepner, PhD, CCC-SLP, and gain a clear understanding of the functional manifestations of cognitive impairments, organize cognition into a manageable paradigm, and establish functional goals to guide your effective therapy. Drawing on over 15 years of clinical experience and more than 10 years of teaching, Dr. Hoepner will teach you skills to appropriately create a plan of care and realistically facilitate improved function in your patients. Attend this information-packed seminar and systematically understand the anatomy of each component of the cognitive-communication system and move quickly into specific management techniques for intervention. Walk away with practical and useful techniques which can be implemented immediately within your practice. Through examples from experience and case studies, Dr. Hoepner will go beyond lecturing and facilitate learning through a collaborative exchange of ideas relating to therapy techniques.