Barbara has a secret. She is starting to experience cognitive failures -- forgetting events, struggling with names, and becoming overwhelmed in complex, social contexts. She wants to remain active with her community and grandchildren, but she needs support, and she doesn’t want anyone outside of her close family to know that she’s struggling.

This recording will show you how to help patients like Barbara. Discover universally designed technologies that support cognitive and functional outcomes without making patients stand out from their peers. Topics include social networking, peer support, self-management of cognitive-communication rehabilitation, communication supports, external memory aids, training, and individual modifications.

  1. Investigate ways to repurpose everyday technologies and apps as assistive tools
  2. Extrapolate potential barriers to implementation and adoption of assistive technologies
  3. Determine elements of an effective technology training sequence and support cycle for maintenance

Outline Assistive technologies for persons with acquired communication disorders.
Applications for: Financial issues related to:  DARN framework How the support cycle relates to adoption and maintenance
Effective patient training approaches
Target Audience