With increased scrutiny on the medical industry, ethical and legal protection has been pushed to the forefront of practice.  This session will take a deep look into the purpose of the code and how it may protect you…legally.  We will explore each principle in the code and examine real ethical case examples of clinicians and the consequences of adhering or not adhering to the code.  We will also discuss how you can report an ethical issue, a compliance concern, or a licensing concern through the proper channels while protecting yourself.  By attending this session, you will gain a strong understanding of ethics beyond just a “code”.

  1. Demonstrate the purpose of a code of ethics and the difference between ethics and law
  2. Assess each ethical principle in the code, the standard of conduct, and the application of each principle through case studies
  3. Demonstrate the steps for reporting an ethics complaint, a licensing concern, or a compliance concern


Purpose of a Code of Ethics

Ethical Principles

Steps for Reporting

Target Audience