Module 1 - Introduction to the Neuro-biomechanical Model

Whether your patient’s goals are to return to work, play with their kids or grandkids, or travel the globe, your hard work helps them progress toward their functional goals.

But sacroiliac joint dysfunction, the source of pain for 1 out of 3 patients with back or hip pain, can mimic numerous dysfunctions that frustrate your ability to identify the root of your clients’ problem. In addition, the traditional way to treat focuses on singular patterns of movement dysfunction that yields short-term results instead of truly looking at how the body functions in group patterns for more lasting relief.

You can easily find yourself going down the wrong treatment path, leaving you feeling defeated and worried that your patient will face surgery that could be avoided – and putting their goals even further from reality.

Become a certified Sacroiliac Joint Specialist through the Hesch Institute to regain your confidence and possess mastery in treating the sacroiliac, symphysis pubis, lumbar spine, and hip for faster and lasting results.

Since 1981, Jerry Hesch, DPT, MHS, has treated and taught a unique, evidence-based method that promotes effective manual therapy that lasts, self-treatment care beyond the clinic, and exercises to restore normal strength and movement. By going beyond the alignment model, Dr. Hesch will teach you to develop specific skills in evaluating micromotion dysfunctions that are too subtle to be evaluated visually but require skilled hands-on testing. Mastering this typically restores normal movement within three visits after which patients are independent with self-treatment and can then focus on exercise rehabilitation.

No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.

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