Stress is unavoidable.  And unfortunately, we live in a society where it’s ok to work ourselves into total exhaustion.  It not only affects our health and daily function, but also every other hormonal system – insulin resistance, thyroid function, and sex hormone balance.  

In this extensive training, you’ll finally get the adrenal health training you’ve been waiting for.  Cindi Lockhart, RDN, LD, IFNCP will explore how simple lifestyle modifications can enhance adrenal function and help your patients feel better.  

The impact of these easy, yet intentional behavior changes are significant. With this approach, symptoms of these adrenal issues can be mitigated without medications.  Learn strategies to:  

You have the power to guide your patients to better well-being. Thanks to Cindi’s proven methods, you can arm yourself with tools you can easily integrate and immediately apply — as soon as your next session

Program Information

  1. Investigate the common symptoms and causes of adrenal dysfunction, as well as its impact on other hormones.
  2. Determine the impacts of chronic stress (adrenal dysfunction) on insulin, thyroid, and sex hormone balance as well as the 3 stages of dysfunction.
  3. Determine a customized approach to optimizing stress resilience via diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and environmental exposures.

Outline Adrenal Function and Fatigue   Natural Cycles of Cortisol  Adrenal Dysfunction: Symptoms/Conditions   Pinpoint the Causes of Adrenal Dysfunction  Lifestyle Strategies to Optimize Stress Resilience