Deborah C

"Very interesting material was presented and I am starting to implement some of the methods I learned."

Sandra S

"This lesson was well worth my time and I would attend another class from Kathy."

Rebecca P

"Excellent!! Came away with alot of new knowledge and the activities to go with it."

Colleen R

"a very very informative class with many practical uses"

Rachel K

"Absolutely loved this seminar...."

Margaret C

"Excellent deliver of material. Presenter was very well spoken, knowledgeable and detailed. "

Chelsea E

"Great course! "

Michelle W

"I'm excited to try reflex integration and am surprised that I haven't heard more about it before"

Celeste g

"Very impressed with the speaker and her knowledge and wisdom to share what is outside the box of norm. Which fits brilliantly with my practice in affirmation and also direction of use for primitive reflex incorporation to my unique successful therapy! "

Jill A

"I increased my knowledge about how occupational therapy and learning disabilities compliment each other and collaborating together makes for better student improvement. "