James S

"Much thought-stimulating information!"

Deborah G

"I love Leslie Korn. I know her outside of this webinar and respects her vast knowledge."

Cheryl I

"I enjoyed this seminar on multiculturalism very much - one of the best if not the best I have attended. Thank you. "


"Dr. Korn was the best presenter that I've experienced! "

Lana B

"Great seminar! Very pertinent information."

Tresa K

"I learned more from this course than any other "Cultural Diversity" class I've taken before -after the first basic class that examined what it is. I liked how the connection between how different cultures might present, approaches to tx based on what is discovered during the cultural interview, and"

Laurie K R

"Truly EXCELLENT webinar. Thank you. "

norma m

"Excellent presentation!!! "