Grace H

"I learned a lot."

Marie B

"Very helpful"

Kris S

"I enjoyed the training. It provided new information on Trauma and how to treat. Thank you for providing this training to mass providers."

Lawrence G

"Content was appropriate, up to date and sparked an interest to learn more"

Susan B

"EXCELLENT COURSE!!! I really enjoyed BOTH of these courses (conference + Digital Seminar)!!!!!"

Cynthia T

"Excellent seminar!"

Elizabeth Z

"I learned a lot about treatment of trauma. Bessel van der Kolk is a great teacher. "

Kira B

"Dr. Van Der Kolk is amazing. Would love to see more trainings by him. "

Richard D

"Overall excellent presentation. Great exposure to neuroscience of brain and trauma with a practical approach to real-world application. Very Helpful!"

Christi S

"Exceptional presenter and content"