Donna T

"Excellent course. This is my first time to take course online. I'll do it again!"

Kenna G

"Great program with a great number of ideas that are practical and can be easily integrated into practice. "

Catherine C

"excellent training!"

Julie E

"Learned a lot! Very interesting"

June Y

"Lots of helpful tools! Thanks!"

Susan A

"Learned more about art therapy. will be using many of her techniques."

Donna W

"This is very useful. Thank you!"

Leah S

"presenter was amazing. possibly the best, most imformative PESI event i've attended, and i've been to several PESI presentations throughout the years. Presenter was clearly extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and all topics were concise and clearly presented. i'm extremely pleased with this presentation. i can definitely use all the interventions with my clients. "

Jennifer K

"excellent training I learned alot of information and plan to implement some of these art therapy ideas into my profession with my students "

Alisha K