Toni S


Kathryn B

"I feel so fortunate to have received this training from Dr. Coolhart! She clearly has expertise from years of clinical experience, academic knowledge and research, and her own work in training other professionals in this field. This seminar has GREATLY benefited me and my ability to work with LGBTQ youth on both a professional and personal level. Thank you so much!!"

Sage W

"This was excellent. I am a transgender person and my practice primarily serves the transgender community and I still found that the presentation helped me refine my thinking more. Thank you so much! This was a genuinely great course! "

Harry S

"Excellent workshop !"

Sue R

"One of the best courses I've taken. Learned so much that will allow me to offer my services to this population...especially transgender folks"

Alex D

"This was a fantastic presentation. I wish my entire office had participated in it."

Eileen C

"Another great learning experience from PESI"

Mary H

"Excellent presentation "

Kristina B

"Thank you! This info is greatly appreciated (college health NP)"

Jaime H

"I enjoyed this training very much. I feel that it opened my eyes to some things I was not aware of and will greatly improve my counseling with LGBTQ youth."