Jaclyn K

"Really enjoyed seminar and presenter! "

Tami B

"Took this course for personal more than professional reasons as my father has been diagnosed with dementia. This information will be very helpful in my families journey. Thank you!!"


"Outstanding seminar. I would highly encourage others to attend Dr. Steinberg's presentations."

Jung O

"Very explanatory and educational "


"Well presented with a full spectrum of information."

Sally C

"This is a very valuable seminar and Dr Steinberg's way of presenting it was excellent!"

Jill T

"Excellent presentation and information. I especially appreciated the presenter's actual examples given to clarify and reinforce the information that he was presenting. There were so many additional notes that I made on the handouts that it took longer than the 6.25 hours to complete this course. This information will be useful to me, family members and friends as we travel through our later years. Thank you for having these quality programs for us."

Mary Jeanne O


Julie Z

"This was an outstanding presentation! "

Vanessa M

"Great course. Expert examples of information relative to working with older adults."