Richard C

"This was the best on-line course I've ever taken! I've been in this business for over 50 yrs!"

Suzanne B

"Excellent. Would highly recommend to other therapists."

Jan C

"It was the most intense CEU I've ever taken but it was the most awesome CEU course I've ever taken, and so very helpful!!!!"

Randy J

"I have attended a Greg Lester presentation live. I really like him as a presenter. I would like a more info/content in the manuals because it is difficult to make notes because Greg has so much to say and you don't want to miss it."

Maria F

"Superb content, presentation and organization, with excellent notes. This presenter always does an excellent job, but this course is the best one I've taken from him. "

Stacy B

"Great course with a wealth of quality information"

Teresa F

"This is one of the BEST PESI courses so far that I have taken! "

Maria E

"excellent workshop"

Christine H

"Great course! Very informative and based upon the latest research. Dr. Lester is a great presenter, with lots of clarity and enthusiasm. His openness to questions was excellent."

Sharon P

"What a pleasure- 3 days of totally absorbing content"