Terese N

"Superb workshop"

Twila J

"Wonderful training!"


"Excellent seminar."

Neila A

"I greatly appreciated the help I received from PESI personnel by phone. I was unable to attend the conference in person due to family stressor and was able to attend via live seminar with PESI support.Many thanks!"

Kari S

"Wonderful presenter!"

Ellie B

"VERY interesting, useful and on point with the students whom I needed support with."

Sandra P

"This has been extremely helpful to me, working with children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety. Thank you for a great presentation!!!!!!"

Stacie R

"I was very pleased with the presenter and this course. This is the first course I completed through PESI and I was very pleased!"

Sherry G


Debra A

"Paul Foxman was awesome. I like his gentle approach in dealing with children. Bravo!"