"I did not except much, but was quite impressed and satisfied. I will be buying Kessler's books. "

Arlene P

"exceptional presenter"

Marlene K

"David Kessler is an excellent presenter."

Cynthia B


Jocelyn J

"There was lot to learn. "

Adekemi O

"I cannot stress enough importance of including police brutality and hate crimes as part of this discussion. White people interact so little with people of color who are affected by this kind of betrayal and grief. It could affect so much with politics and gun laws and hate crime laws"

Evelyn B

"Both the material and the presentation were excellent--balanced, interesting, applicable"

Luisa W


Sylvia T

"Great course. very much needed."

Emily B

"This was an amazing presentation. I was about halfway through online when I lost my childhood best friend (23+ year friendship) and the course was helpful and easy to get through personally and professionally despite my personal experiences. "