Phoebe V

"Learned a lot. Will use it definitely at work with my patients and personally."

Nancy G

"Excellent seminar, very practical, well-researched and presented."

Christine R

"This was an excellent presentation and very practical to apply in clinical work."

Lynda B

"Excellent seminar and resource list. Very engaging presenter. "

Cindy E

"I was very impressed with Dr. Wehrenberg's vast knowledge and presentation."

Donna J

"Dr W was wonderful and kept your attention through out the entire seminar. It seemed that she was so familiar with her material that she never referred to notes."

Clifton P

"Dr. W spoke in a calm, well modulated tone that was very soothing and easy to listen to. I found her presentation extremely helpful and informative in working with clients as well as some of my own anxieties"

Catherine C

"Excellent seminar! Would see her again, and recommend to others!"

Ella L

"excellent and engaging presentaiton"

Caroline Z

"a very entertaining speaker with lots of real life examples that bring all the strategies to life."