Stephanie W

"Steve was fabulous. I have taken a number of trainings through Pesi before, and I have to say that this one was by far my favorite. The way he explains the content is engaging, entertaining, and very user-friendly. He made the material easy to digest and gave clear examples to support the concepts. It was just a great training! I would absolutely take another training with him again in the future."

Susan G

"dynamic ,highly intelligent speaker. I was very impressed with him"

Sarah R

"Excellent Presenter. Very engaging. "

Michelle S

"Presenter was very engaging and informative. "

Ohan C

"Enjoyed the webinar. I found Dr. Olivas example helpful in understanding the concepts. I will use some of his techniques with my clients."

Elecia P

"Not only informative but entertaining. Great conference"

Shannon C

"I highly enjoyed the webinar and learned many techniques that will help me tomorrow at work!"

Lila S


Laura E

"I really enjoyed this seminar - I also liked that it was user-friendly for the non-psychotherapist/relevant for my field. Thanks!"

Cynthia W

"It was great!"