Jeffrey L

"Excellent presentation!"

Jennifer W


Katherine S

"Excellent class"

Catherine H

"I found this course extremely interesting and useful, not just for my clients but also for my own self discovery "

Anne M

"This was a very enriching experience for me. I enjoyed the slow and repeated exposition of the theory and its application in practice. This consolidated my learning and has moved me into active use of the theory/therapy in my work. "

Leslie G

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course"

Pearl Z

"Deb Dana was easy to learn from and I looked forward to watching the video especially the Bonus session and Dr. Porges's talk."

Joycelyn T

"The interviewer was excellent as well! Great course!"

Rebecca M

"Really enjoyed the presentation. It is already proving useful to clients."

Betsy T

"Would have been helpful to see the screen. Otherwise excellent!!"