Jan M

"Enjoyed the instructor. Taken 4 other classes from her."

Danielle S

"Very well put together presentation"

Renee M

"Engaging speaker. "

Malyn C

"She was wonderful! I would listen to her talk for hours about anything."

alexia m

"Worth my time, thank you."

Rebecca C

"This was one of the most relative and substantial PDs I've seen. Provided practical techniques to use with clients with pertinent insight to various aspects of social media and it's impacts."

Ana Carina M

"Very rewarding training. Great presenter. Very matter of fact and truly knowledgeable and experienced clinician."

Marguerite M

"Excellent. Material can be used today."

Risa G

"Excellent Course - want the recording too"

Nikki K

"Margaret Wehrenberg did a FANTASTIC presentation. Honestly, it was one of the BEST courses I have ever taken! She was knowledgeable and excellent in presenting!"