"Very helpful information"

Melody M

"Slides shown didn’t always correspond with the slides she was referencing."

Ingrid C

"Great course! I have a lot to think about now."

Heather T

"Modern advances in MRIs support the fact that the brain can change and Mrs. Asper repeatedly said "You can't change the brain.""

Suzanna S

"This was a great course and nice bonus for me to be able to do. Thank you!"

Vivian B

"Handouts were very small"

Francis M

"Excellent course and I enjoyed the learning experience."

Carrie W

"enjoyed and learned a lot. very relevant to caseload"

Rhonda G

"I am an LPC marriage counselor. This course made me more aware of how learning disabilities can negatively affect marriage relationships."

Mary M

"The course provided current information in a concise manner for dyslexia,dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. It is relevant to the students I work with and will be utilized."