George H

"i like very much it will help me in my work "

Stepheni C

"The demonstrations and the teaching of the breathing techniques were very helpful. "

Kris R

"Enjoyed the webinar. Jennifer explained exercises and techniques well. Physical practice was helpful and then the follow up discussion of what took place. "

Lisa T

"Jennifer was engaging, informative and extremely interesting on her topic."

Kristen B

"Loved it!"

Julia L

"Jennifer is a great presenter. She is engaging, enthusiastic, clear in her explanations and very organized."

Kimberly H

"This webinar was excellent! Incredible energy/ presence; powerful, relevant and useful material, and I highly recommend it and Ms. Harper's work and book! I am going to purchase it! "

Penelope C

"Engaging and informative!"

Frances H

"Good class with the instructor demonstrations"