David F

"Best/most helpful CE seminar I've ever completed."

Joanne B

"Overall I am extremely satisfied - I learned so much about OCD and now know it is not simply being obsessive about hand washing and having things places correctly."

Arlene P

"This course has improved my skills as a therapist."

Sjofn W

"Great course. I highly recommend it."

Sherry J

"I very much enjoyed this program"

Kelly G

"This was one of the best seminars that I have attended. Jeff presented the material in a way that was understandable and so informing. I will be able to take away a lot of information for my practice. I enjoyed watching the videos. I looked forward to my time designated for my continuing education. He is very knowledge and I have great respect for Jeff R."

Gina P

"Very helpful"

Vic R

"excellent training"

Gina M

"This training was well presented and the information was very helpful. Dr. Riggenbach demonstrated strong expertise as a clinician working with difficult patients. It was a very enjoyable course!"

Barb A

"Thoroughly enjoyed the entire course!"