"The test was ridiculous. The presenter was good and gave good information."

Jennifer W

"Outstanding! Fantastic!"

Alice M

"I really enjoyed this training! I'm looking forward to learning more about IFS. The video portion was very helpful. I'm a visual learner and seeing a firsthand example was very valuable. Thank you so much! She provided research and personal experience in working with clients, as well as video content to illustrate IFS concepts, which was very helpful. "

Christian E

"Great training!"

William P

"Great presentation - well done!"

Elizabeth L

"This was probably the best CEU event I have attended in my entire career. The live webcast was not something I would have previously considered (instead I would've opted for in-person) but it was actually delightful. "

Jeremy M

"The presentation was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. "


"Excellent course! Thank You Alexia!"

Vincent H

"This course helped to expand my understanding and treatment of trauma."


"excellent in every respect"