Katherine L

"First live CEU credits I’ve obtained via internet, very user friendly access to course. "

John R

"Well organized. Her presentation exceeded my expectation. "

Lindsey B

"I loved it!"

Joscelyn K

"Really enjoyed this course. Presenter had great presentation style, was engaging, organized and easy to follow with the handouts. There were a few videos and topics included in the post test that were not covered in the course."

Lynn M

"Loved this presenter!"


"This was great overall, however, most of the day was theory, very well-informed, it was so much information all at once and so academic that the parts of interventions were only 1.25 hours and therefore about 1/6 of the time, which is what I really needed and very very helpful. She was an excellent speaker, extremely organized, and told relevant stories and I felt her approach(es) were clinically amazing and helpful, however, the majority of the time was textbook: disappointing."

Maria F

"It was a good training , lot of information , good!"


"Seminar was presented thoroughly and with great detail. I am very satisfied with resources given as well."

Velia T

"Great webinar!"

Solimar M

"Excellent training. The presenter's knowledge of the topic at hand was outstanding."