Ellie K

"This training was SO wonderful! I was very impressed and thankful to be able to use with my own kids."

Tammera B

"Tina, you were very organized. I appreciated the handouts you put together and the examples you shared in your presentation."

Kimberly P

"Great seminar!"

Li Ting H

"Very insightful! I will recommend this course/program to others for sure. "

Jennifer A

"this was a great course for me as a mom and as an interventionist"

Lois B

"This inservice course more than met my expectations both personally and professionally."

Cheryl H

"Great presentation! Presenter was clearly informed and material was presented in an orderly and effective manner. "

Caroline B

"This program has not only taught me effective strategies to use as an Occupational Therapist in the schools with my students (which I was expecting) but also at home with my own children (something I was not expecting. I have a 6 year old with a lot of anxiety)."

Angela W

"Excellent course!"

Bridget C

"Provided some helpful tips regarding behavior and parent training that I can implement in my clinical practice immediately!"