Sharon M

"I feel this will enhance my ability to give support and care to my patients and families. "

Tracy R

"Thoroughly enjoyed course. Made me process things I hadn't considered before."

Wendy S

"David Kessler is so good!"

Debbie T

"It was my first webcam CE and it was wonderful to be home and still feel connected to the presentation. "

David M

"Good material and presentation."

Veronica S

"these tools can be used for our own dealings with death, very informative."

Charles B. S

"Excellent Course"

Tracy W

"Really great course. David is fabulous and I loved the addition of Paul and Grief Yoga. Very useful. Thank you!"

Karin K

"David is such an excellent speaker with such great knowledge/expertise that he is able to share though facts and personal/professional experiences."

Mari B

"I love anything that David Kessler presents! "