Jackie R

"I really enjoy listening to her presentations and get so much out of them."

Geri L

"This was very helpful "

Rahela R

"I was pleasantly surprised to learn an unexpected amount of information regarding how shame affects clients and how it relates to trauma"

Donna R


Parneet S

"Enjoyed and learned"

Lehra B

"Excellent course, Thank You!"

Ruth B

"Dr. Fisher is an outstanding presenter, educator and author. I am honored to have been able to watch this web program"

Shawna L

"Very impressed. Suggested it to coworkers of mine. I work in a prison and it is difficult to find things that we can manage to do within the restrictions of security. I walked away with several ideas and could apply this to many of clients on my caseload. "


"APPRECIATED the opportunity to learn at my own time."

Tina LaMar C

"Very informative. A new way to look at shame."