Angela A

"She is hands down best presenter! Been telling a lot of collogues about this training :)"

Abi H

"this has been the best course I have taken. very informative ."

Mim C

"The course was beautifully presented by Jennifer. I appreciated the easy way she repeated to reinforce. I teach counselling and this will be helpful. A great deal of the content was new to me and I found it thoroughly engaging. I took the quiz at the end and I was surprised how much I knew immediately or I could work out."

Paulette C

"Jennifer was engaged and Professional. I enjoyed the class!"

Pamela M

"Jennifer is the best teacher I've had in decades."

Charles L

"Great program overall!"

Ashleah Z

"Thank you for this amazing training. I now feel that I have a better grasp of neuroscience in relation to trauma. I have already been able to utilize a lot of this information to explain to clients and their caregivers about neuroscience, which has helped to counteract a lot of shame triggered by their behaviors/reactions. You also provided a lot of great techniques that I am excited to use with my clients! Thank you again!"

Colleen V

"Dr. Sweeton was amazing. I really enjoyed learning from her. "

Mary A

"Jennifer Sweeton is excellent in person and just as engaging, professional and sharing of her resources online. "

Janet M

"Jennifer was amazing kept the attention with stories , a difficult subject but very well executed"