Judy T

"Enjoyed course very much, learned some good strategies and tips to use and share with families."

Linda E

"Great course and great info. Very helpful for me in my current practice. Thank you so much!!"

Amber G

"Good course. Easy to follow and good information provided. "

Pauline R

"Thank you for your time and presentation."

Debbie L

"I enjoyed this webinar and received lots of practical information that I can put into practice right away"

Sally O

"I learned so much! One of the better seminars I've attended!"

Betty Lou A

"The presenter, Jessica was excellent! She kept your attention throughout, explained everything clear and concise and used videos to help show what she was talking about. "

Christina A

"It was great that Jessica answered questions from participants but some of the questions seemed more like specific case study questions rather than more broad an applicable to the larger audience. This took up a lot of time and caused her to rush through the last few sections in order to finish in time. "

Patty H

"Awesome course! Appreciated all the feeding strategies/tips to use with kiddos."

Susan C

"This course was fantastic and by far the best one I have attended in many years!!! Tons of helpful tips and strategies that can be used immediately. Speaker was very approachable, professional, and knowledgeable. Great seminar!!!!! Thank you!"