Jennifer S

"Great information that I really needed for my practice!"

Melissa N

"One of the best presentations I've ever attended. I highly recommend it!"

Judith O

"Joe Kort was brilliant, funny, and an amazing presenter."

Corinne L

"So very relevant"

Laurie K R

"Excellent presentation. Thank you."

Audrey S

"This was a FANTASTIC training. So helpful. "

Susan H

"Super presentation, loved Joe and would contact him with questions, supervision needs, and refer clients to him. Will read his books and referenced material. Enjoyed and learned from this presentation!"


"I learned a lot. This was a great seminar."

Carol S

"Joe Kort did an excellent job of presenting a huge amount of material in an organized and engaging manner. I am eager to apply my new knowledge with my next LGBT client!"

Aviva W

"Very thorough presentation and his easy manner made the time go quickly. Personable and knowledgeable."