Zuzana P

"The course was very informative and I learned methods that I can use."

Carie B

"Dr. van der Kolk is a tremendous asset to our field. I am so pleased to have been afforded the experience of listening to him for 12 hours! "

Barb J

"Excellent training"

John L

"Excellent presenter and lots of information explained clearly. Thanks."

Suzanne H

"Excellent presentation! "

Carol B


Leticia S

"awesome training"

Kyle W

"Great course. Thanks!"

Cynthia A

"He is brilliant. His book is brilliant. The talk meandered and the test was very hard of material not fully covered."

Brenda G

"This is one of the most amazing, educational and detailed training i have attended. It helped me to looks at myself as a clinician and re-evaluate how it present myself in session. Bessel Van der Kolk presented so much need to know information that i pondered all weekend. Please continue to provide his training for other clinicians to learn. "