Naweichi T

"Joy Samuels was a wonderful presenter and I enjoyed every minute of the training. Her expertise and passion for the topic were evident throughout the presentation."

Beverly T

"very relevant information presented in a clear, professional and interesting way"


"Dr.Joy Samuels was the best presenter I have ever heard at any SEMINAR. Thoroughly enjoyable and knowledgable. Extremely useful material."

Pamela H

"Dr. Samuels shared her extensive knowledge and expertise in a generous, articulate, caring and good humored way."

Christina P

"Wonderful presentation - appreciate online learning during this pandemic. Thank you!"

Felicia F

"I was very satisfied with the course material. I learned a great deal from your presentation. Printing ahead of session allowed room to take notes as they were being viewed."

Katie K

"I really enjoyed this webinar. I think Joy Samuels was very knowledgable and very engaging. I learned a lot and also know of a lot of references to explore to continue my learning."

Patricia H

"I enjoyed the presenter. She is very knowledgeable."


"Wonderful webinar that I provided so much great information that I can start using with clients! Thank you so very much!!"


"More focus on actual techniques and less focus on theorists would have been more helpful. "