Michelle S

"Wonderful training! I will be doing further training on the subject. "

Alice F

"Thank you Ms. Bilazarian, you are a very organized and knowledgeable presenter!"

Kerry S

"Excellent class - very helpful"

Jennifer F

"This is probably the best CE training I have ever taken. Great job Robin!"

Dana D

"Robin was an exceptional presenter."

Jan G

"I am grateful for Robin's many years of experience in Energy Psychology and her willingness to share with us. "

Joann H

"I liked the training and will use it with my clients. "

Gloria B

"I am very pleased with the information and training on EFT. I feel I am ready to provide additional services to my patients that are struggling with anxiety and depression."

Jacqueline B

"very interesting and informative"

Karidad R

"I loved and learned much from this course. Would take many more of her classes."