Luis C

"I love the course! Mindfulness is certainly a part of my daily practice. "

Michelle L

"My heart and mind are awakened by this course. Thank you for such an amazing and interesting informative course about mindfulness. I learned that I am bigger and what I am. I will do my best to be a better human-being. "

Cynthia B

"thank you for this free and appreciated opportunity to witness JKZ in action!"

Michael V

"Well worth my time. Thank you."

Janice M

"Excellent Presentation; surprisingly refreshing!"

Brenda H

"A good speaker that held my attention"

Vasilis N

"Great Speakers"

Alyssa F

"Thank you! Very enjoyable presentation =)"

Delivian D

"Great Topic. Presenter was very engaging. I learned more than I expected."

Jessica L

"As always, enjoyed the way Jon Kabat Zinn presents and portrays mindfulness."