Donna A

"Very interesting...and funny at times, too!"

Holly W

"Wonderful conference! Thank you!"

Ashley H

"I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this training. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk presented the material in a way that was engaging and very informative. He challenges the traditional methods in a manner that I greatly appreciate and I am excited to put some of his teachings into practice. "

Melanie H

"Best continuing ed course I have taken! Loved it. Time went by quickly. Learned a lot. Wonderful I could stream it live. Thank you!!!"

Cheryl W

"Excellent. The instructor was great. The material was very helpful"

Kate V

"Love this presenter. Very relevant topic. "

Jose F

"Very, very informative, inspiring and definitely impacted my understanding of my own trauma and the work I do to heal myself and help others heal."

Barbara D

"Great presenter with useful and informative content. Thank you."

Tammy D

"Very good speaker."

Leann K

"This was packed with new data and information relevant to helping clients overcome trauma!"