Eileen B

"This was one of the best seminars I've taken through PESI. Will recommend to colleagues."

Olivia L

"Very much enjoyed the presenter's style. "

Michael B

"This was a truly excellent program, including, without doubt, the best capsule description of Borderline Personality Disorder I have ever seen/heard."

Angelina S

"he is very knowledgeable about the topic.."

Dawn A

"Great Presenters"

R Jane W

"Excellent presenter, passionate about his topic."

Margret D

"By far the best speaker since my attendance with Pesi."

Brenda P

"Interesting material I appreciated that the DBT skills were used as the main part of therapy with suicidal clients."

Patricia S

"I liked the presenter's delivery of information (easy to understand, gave relevant examples). He is knowledgeable in the area and provided not just background information but also treatment options/approaches. Good training!"

Thomas R

"Thank you so much!"