Tiffany S

"Fabulous presentation. very helpful and useful assessment helps"

Rose N

"Great examples and presentation"

Cecile P

"Excellent, thank you!"


"This was one of the best PESI trainings I have ever participated in over the years. This was an extremely content rich training. "

Nancy D

"Excellent . Thorough and practical. Could grasp concepts in a way that I can use in practice"

Dolores J

"WONDERFUL session. I would like to repeat session. Extremely valuable and interesting. Valuable Information. "

Ryan M

"Great instruction and helpful infomration!"

Dessa B

"Excellent program with excellent content!"

Ketki S

"Really like how he repeated important information multiple times. Allowed me extra time to write notes "

Amy P

"This was an excellent program and I will recommend this to any clinician interested in learning more about treating these clients. The information was very helpful and I will definitely use it in my practice with clients. "