Eric N

"Simply the best speaker on trauma-I strive to be like him. "


"This was a fantastic seminar. I was familiar with with some material concerning trauma but I learned a great deal!!!"

Tiffany G

"This completely changed how I will be practicing therapy. I'm so glad I got to hear this. I can't wait to learn more and get certified in EMDR. Wow."

DeVon S

"Excellent presentation."

Mark S

"Very. Dr Van Der Kolk is a very knowledgeable presenter and he was very responsive to questions. "

Vivianne T

"great course with excellent information"

susan s

"I really enjoyed hearing new information and seeing Bessel van der Kolk speak"

Janet` C

"Excellent and highly applicable!"

M. Claudia C

"Fantastic!!! Van der Kolk is the very best!!! "

Krista S

"Wow! I just had NO idea. This is so very enlightening."