Barbara D

"Great presenter with useful and informative content. Thank you."

Tammy D

"Very good speaker."

Leann K

"This was packed with new data and information relevant to helping clients overcome trauma!"

Michael R

"I would definitely sign up for another webinar with PESI."

Lenda D

"Captivating, informative, and entertaining speaker"

Danielle P

"Really enjoyed this presentation!"

Jerald G

"It's a privilege to be able to learn from this mensch of a man who's genius aptitude and motivation is in pursuing foundational understandings of how humans make and can break other humans, and how treatment must drill down to that foundational level in order to treat with integrity and effectiveness. "

Mary F

"Great 2 day conference"

Liz J

"The manual and slides were not completely matched up; however, the course and listening to Dr. was inspiring. The video portions were not always working in the webinar"

Jamie C

"I was hoping for more on the practical application and implications. Speaker could have presented the key points of the material in a much shorter period of time and spent far more time on treatment. The latter portion of the 2nd morning and start of the afternoon was more what I was expecting."