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January 2024 - Opioid Use and Cannabis Use - Webinar Bundle


Opioid Use Disorder: What Every Clinician Needs to Know About One of the Most Dangerous and Lethal Drug Epidemics in American History

A national emergency…the worst drug crises in U.S. history. The grim news surrounding opioid abuse continues to make the headlines.

But you know what lies behind the headlines. People. People whose lives have been devastated. Jail time and lost jobs. Shattered families. Early deaths and grieving families. People like you and I, prescribed a highly addictive substance to treat their chronic pain or after a minor medical procedure, who find themselves in a dangerous free fall that leaves their lives in ruin. People who walk through your door look to you for help.

Yet opioid disorders are substantially different from other addictions. Drug driven brain change and physical dependence, coupled with a substance that perilously slows breathing and heart rate have created a deadly epidemic of unprecedented proportions. And many individuals with opioid use disorders have at least one co-occurring mental health problem that must be addressed in the effort to achieve and sustain recovery.

A one-size fits all approach to addiction simply won’t suffice. Attend this workshop and learn more about:

  • The neuroscience behind the unique risks of opioid abuse
  • The signs – when pain management turns into addiction
  • Tailored strategies to overcome the barriers to opioid use disorder treatment
  • Psychotherapeutic approaches grounded in evidence-based modalities
  • Screening tools and treatment strategies for co-occurring disorders
  • Details on how Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) can be combined with psychotherapy

Watch this critical seminar and get the tools you need to end the suffering and bring hope and healing to your clients!


Cannabis Use Disorder: Practical Interventions for One of Today’s Fastest Growing Substance Use Disorders

As a mental health clinician, you’re more likely than ever before to have clients who use marijuana and cannabis products.

And while the last decade has seen a cultural shift toward acceptance of marijuana use, cannabis has significant addictive potential that you can’t afford to overlook as a mental health clinician. Cannabis Use Disorder can exacerbate your clients’ mental health problems as they self-medicate to avoid uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, and memories.

Even if addiction isn’t the focus of your practice, you need to be prepared when your client’s use of marijuana and cannabis products goes too far!

Watch this webinar and you’ll get:

  • Tools and tactics to identify Cannabis Use Disorder in your clients
  • Techniques for successfully treating co-occurring disorders with marijuana users
  • Evidence-based approaches to manage cannabis withdrawal symptoms
  • The latest on Medication Assisted Treatment

Ensure you’re confident in your ability to provide your clients’ the best care possible and ready to navigate the ever-changing impacts of drug use on your work!

Get both sessions and save! 

$419.98 - $249.99 - Opioid and Cannabis Use

You'll receive more than a $100 discount for getting both live webinars! 

Click here to add Additional Participant CE for Opioid Use Disorder - $59.99 per participant.

Click here to add Additional Participant CE for Cannabis Use Disorder - $59.99 per participant.

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