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Dr. Janina Fisher’s Living Legacy of Trauma Product Bundle

Trauma’s living legacy affects every aspect of life, often in ways that have no obvious connection to the trauma itself. Feeling “crazy,” defective, fearful, and overwhelmed, survivors cope as best they can, but without an understanding of what’s happening to them, their confidence erodes.

Based on her decades of experience treating trauma, Dr. Janina Fisher has written 3 amazing and complementary tools to help clients on their journey to trauma recovery.

Get all three products below for just $75! ($104.97 value!)

In Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma: A Workbook for Survivors and Therapists, Dr. Fisher shows how the legacy of symptoms helped them survive and offers:

  • Step-by-step strategies that can be used on their own or in collaboration with a therapist
  • Simple diagrams that make sense of the confusing feelings and physical reactions survivors experience
  • Worksheets to practice the skills that bring relief and ultimately healing

The Living Legacy of Trauma Flip Chart makes psychoeducation a relational experience in which the client can feel understood and supported. It presents scientific information in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner that builds trust, even in the early stages of therapy, and allows trauma survivors to feel more empowered rather than victimized by their symptoms. Your clients will thank you for using it!

The Living Legacy of Trauma Card Deck can be a friend and mentor on your journey to trauma recovery. These 58 practices are filled with encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips to inspire you to keep going when you are feeling down, hopeless, self-blaming, confused, and anxious – no matter how hard it gets.

A Psychoeducational In-Session Tool for Clients and Therapists
Janina Fisher
Regular Price : 44.99
Discounted Price : 32.41
58 Practices for Recovering from Trauma
Janina Fisher
Regular Price : 24.99
Discounted Price : 17.75
A Workbook for Survivors and Therapists
Janina Fisher
Regular Price : 34.99
Discounted Price : 24.84

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