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Ethics and Distance Therapy AND Ethics with Minors - Digital Seminar Bundle


Ethics and Distance Therapy: Navigating the Most Challenging Issues with Teletherapy

This three-hour training will equip you with essential knowledge, tools, and resources that you need for the ethical and legal provision of distance therapy services and, additionally, will provide an effective method for navigating any type of professional problem or dilemma.

Join Terry Casey, PhD, ethics expert, and learn what he has identified during his years of experience as the important Six Keys to Distance Therapy as well as other need-to-know ethical, legal, and professional issues pertaining to distance therapy. Using an easy-to-use decision-making method, you will be guided through several distance therapy-related scenarios illustrating how to arrive at ethically and legally sound decisions.

In addition, this seminar provides numerous supplemental resources and links designed to aid you in finding the answers you need beyond the day of the seminar…sign up today!


Ethics with Minors​: An Essential Guide for Mental Health Professionals​

Working with minors and their parents presents unique challenges and problems but also provides unique rewards for therapists. There is often confusion and misunderstanding about the myriad of ethical and legal issues to consider when working with minors.

This training will dive into some of these key issues and how to navigate them: 

  • Vulnerability of minors & power differentials 
  • Consent: Who can provide it and when 
  • Special rights of older adolescents 
  • Challenges of divorced parents 
  • Boundary Social media & texting issues 
  • Parental access to child’s records 
  • Mandatory reporting of abuse

You will learn how to use an effective and easy-to-use decision-making model that can be used in any situation when working with minors. Vignettes are used to illustrate how to navigate challenging situations involving minors and you’ll receive additional resources to assist you beyond this training. 

Get both sessions and save over $100! 

$359.98 - $219.99 - Ethics and Distance Therapy AND Ethics with Minor

You'll receive more than a $100 discount for getting both digital seminars! 

Click here to add Additional Participant CE for Ethics and Distance Therapy - $19.99 per participant. 

Click here to add Additional Participant CE for Ethics with Minors - $19.99 per participant. 

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