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A Conversation with Dr. Shefali & Dr. Tracy:

Healing Old Wounds, Setting Boundaries, and Building Conscious Relationships


Join Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, psychologist and author of I Didn't Sign Up for This, and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent, for an intimate, one-hour conversation curated for therapists and clients alike.

As clinical psychologists, Dr. Tracy and Dr. Shefali are experts in how to help people heal old wounds and break unhelpful patterns that negatively impact their relationships today.

Together they’ll share insight and strategies for things like: 

  • How to set healthier boundaries and build conscious, intentional relationships
  • The role of shame and anger in our relationships (and what to do about it)
  • The misstep of showing up in a relationship expecting the other person to heal or “fix” us
  • Ways to build a healthy interdependent relationship

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from two insightful experts.  

Purchase the hard copy of I Didn’t Sign Up For This for $19.99, and gain FREE access to this special informational workshop!  Plus use promo code DRTRACY21 for FREE SHIPPING on the book!

Already purchased I Didn’t Sign Up For This? Submit your proof of purchase here — and Dr. Tracy will email you the link for the live event!

A Couples Therapist Shares Real-Life Stories of Breaking Patterns and Finding Joy in Relationships … Including Her Own
Tracy Dalgleish
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A Conversation with Dr. Shefali & Dr. Tracy Dalgleish Healing Old Wounds, Setting Boundaries and Building Conscious Relationships
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Tracy Dalgleish  |  Shefaili Tsabary
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