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Section 504 AND Special Education Law In-Person Bundle

Section 504 Law: Stay in Compliance with Today’s New Laws & Regulations to Address Student Needs

In one short day, you will gain new insight into regulations, laws and issues that significantly affect your public and private school compliance. Join school law expert John B. Comegno II, Esq. as he draws from his 16 years of experience representing public school districts to walk you through the essential information and practical guidance you need in a surprisingly engaging and entertaining format!

Questions that will be answered include:

  • Does USDOE OCR 2022 guidance change Federal or State law?
  • Are Manifestation Determinations required now?
  • Does “Long COVID-19” automatically require Section 504 plans?
  • Which diagnosis automatically trigger Section 504 eligibility?
  • How to best engage with medical professionals in this process?
  • What is the most important legal difference between Section 504 and IDEA?
  • Are student mental health or “SEL” Section 504 considerations?

REGISTER TODAY to ensure compliance and gain the confidence you need to guide your school effectively.

Special Education Law: Skillfully Navigate Cutting-Edge Legal Issues for the 2024 School Year

In this fast-paced, informative, and entertaining training, nationally recognized education law litigator and law professor John B. Comegno II, Esq, will provide practical suggestions to help you skillfully navigate cutting-edge special education legal issues for the current school year.

Attend and discover the answers to some of the most urgent questions, including:

  • Why does Child Find mean more now, than ever?
  • What is “COVID-19-LD” eligibility, and how to avoid it through best practices?
  • Does “long-COVID-19” automatically require IEPs or Section 504 plans?
  • IDEIA, IEPs, LRE, IEE – what does it all mean and how to ensure compliance?
  • How to most effectively defend “comp ed” claims?
  • What is the most important legal issue to consider while re-opening school this year?
  • Is SEL different now, and what does that mean for the future of instruction?

A cursory knowledge of the law or applying common sense does not begin to protect school districts and professionals against the potential legal and financial consequences of misinterpreting special education regulations. Register today!

Get both days and save! 

$499.98 - $349.99 - Section 504 AND Special Education Law

You'll receive more than a $100 discount for getting both days! 

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John B. Comegno II
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