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Reflective Practice and Feedback in Supervision

You’ve spent your entire career perfecting the skills you need to be a great clinician… but being a successful clinical supervisor requires a completely different and unique set of skills and abilities. 

Are you confident in your ability to navigate the unexpected challenges and ethical dilemmas you’ll encounter in supervision? 

Fortunately, reflective practice expert and author Daphne “Daf” Hewson, shares key tools and strategies she’s developed in her 40+ years of experience as a clinical supervisor that will take the guesswork out of supervision and give you a blueprint for dealing with even your most difficult supervisory situations with ease.

In this brand-new, comprehensive masterclass, Daphne will walk you through her supervision guidelines which will empower you to expertly navigate ethical difficulties and unique challenges that you’ll encounter during supervision. You’ll learn dozens of priceless tools and resources that will help you build a strong and supportive relationship with your supervisees. 

You’ll end this course with the tools, skills and knowledge you need to provide excellent supervision to your practitioners, and the complete framework for seamlessly integrating these new reflective practice techniques and strategies in your very next session.

Program Information


  1. Distinguish the key principles of reflective supervision from those of traditional supervision models.
  2. Determine the role of experiential learning in reflective supervision.
  3. Determine the essential tools used in reflective feedback.


Principles of Reflective Supervision

  • Safety
  • Not jumping to “fix it”
  • Role induction
  • Internal processes
  • Collaboration 
Experiential Learning and Reflective Practice
  • Self-practice and self-reflection
  • Mindful stance
  • Consideration stance
  • Consolidation stance
  • Practice framework
Supervisory Spaces
  • Directive
  • Evaluative
  • Passive
  • Restorative
  • Active 
  • Reflective
Feedback in Reflective Practice
  • Reflective formative feedback
  • Mini tools
  • Culture and feedback
  • Feedback-informed treatment
Structuring Supervision
  • Consolidation
  • Feedback
  • Planning 
  • Understanding implicit bias
  • Overcoming restraints

Target Audience

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Counsellors

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