With NowMaps by their side, tweens can go from “I’m so overwhelmed” to “I can now handle this!”

Written by world-renowned neuropsychiatrist and co-author of The Whole-Brain Child, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Deena Margolin, LMFT, co-founder of the popular online community Big Little Feelings, NowMaps is a one-of-a-kind adventure that introduces the neuroscience of social-emotional learning in a fun, interactive way!

Using four easy-to-remember tools – a pause button, a focus flashlight, an OK monitor, and a compass – tweens will learn how to create a NowMap, a snapshot of their present-moment experience, so they can navigate all of life’s moments with confidence and kindness. A NowMap shows tweens where they are right now so they can decide where they want to go next.

Packed with over 40 games, exercises, and activities, NowMaps is every tween’s sidekick for: