Happily Even After

Taking the time to foster a happy and meaningful life has never felt more important. So why, despite the number of books on the topic, is happiness still so hard to achieve?

While there are many resources that can teach us helpful practices for cultivating our sense of well-being, few of them explore the importance of these practices in the midst of ongoing grief, loss, and uncertainty. However, the same techniques and mindsets that increase our joy in the good times can be instrumental in helping us navigate life’s most intense challenges.

In his new book, Happily Even After: Daily Practices to Recover Joy After Hardship, Heartache, and Heartbreak, Jonah Paquette, PsyD, offers a wealth of short, simple practices that lay the foundation for a more meaningful and joyful life. Learn how to seize opportunity during the storms of life to rethink how you live, how you love, and what you prioritize.

Heartbreak and hardship may have knocked you down or even changed your life, but they don’t have to be the defining feature of your story. By cultivating these happiness principles, you can start to find greater peace, deeper joy, and closer connections in your life.